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At Highway 125 Marina, we know that packing for the lake can get a little hectic. We search high and low for products that will make your lake experience better. These skinny tumblers are just that, the solution to all your beverage needs.

On the go and need a place to put your seltzer? The can fits right inside these tumblers, just drop the can in, place straw in the tumbler, and replace the lid. Prefer bottles? It fits those too!

We personally enjoy coffee from our tumblers, both hot and cold. Or you can enjoy a nice cold sweet tea on a hot day.

The biggest feedback we get is they fit most cup holders in cars, boats, and couches; and they are small enough to fit even the smallest of hands.

A very skinny 20oz stainless steel tumbler with lid and straw. Available in multiple colors.

Skinny Tumbler

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